Kagita Mikam is committed to ensuring that pro-active measures are taken to improve the recruitment, training and employment of Aboriginal people.
We help registered clients seeking training to meet their career goals by matching their training needs with qualified training organizations.
We help registered clients who seek employment opportunities by matching their employment goals with qualified employers.


Kagita Mikam started as an Aboriginal Area Management Board in 1991 through the Pathways to Success Strategy.
The contribution agreements following the Pathways to Success Strategy were the Regional Bilateral Agreements, Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreements 1 & 2, Aboriginal skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) and the current Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ISETS).

The ISETS presents an opportunity to make necessary adjustments to achieve better results and a higher standards of accountability. Using an integrated approach ISETS will link training needs to labour market demands.

The three pillars of ISETS are:

  1. Demand driven skills development
  2. Partnerships
  3. Accountability for improved results

Today Kagita Mikam is known as a Local Delivery Mechanism (LDM) that extends employment & training services to all eligible Indigenous peoples within our catchment area. The catchment area is west from Oshawa and east of Ottawa.